Как выгодно и быстро продать телефон. Всё, что нужно знать

If you agree with the statement that it is not worth buying a smartphone now, this does not mean that it is also not very profitable to sell it. On the contrary: due to the impending shortage, many buyers rushed to sites where you can find  used smartphones at good prices , which means that you can make good money even selling your Android smartphone. At the same time, there are several great ways  to sell a smartphone quickly  and without any problems, and even without losing money. Over the years, I have sold a dozen phones on Avito and figured out how to do it right. Today I will tell you how to sell a smartphone without problems. Read more on the website https://skupka.tv/telefonov/

We figure out how to sell a phone correctly and quickly

How to prepare a smartphone for sale

The smartphone should look neat and free from stains

A smartphone should always be sold in such a way that it does not lie anywhere and does not deceive the buyer. In general, sell the way you yourself would like to be sold to you. To do this, you need to  properly prepare the smartphone for sale .

  • Back up and transfer all important files to cloud storage or PC to restore all data to a new smartphone.
  • Decide if you need additional accessories (cases, headphones). Usually they give cases, and leave the headphones for themselves. Keep in mind that you do not need to make a discount for the lack of headphones.
  • If the charging cable is very worn out, it is better not to give it away at all — the buyer may think that you did not follow the smartphone very carefully either.
  • Remove the case and screen protector from your phone: wipe the phone from all sides, remove dust and dirt from the edges of the screen, and do not forget to wipe the circumference around the camera.

How to quickly sell a smartphone

How fast you sell a smartphone depends on your ad

When selling a smartphone, what matters is not how many paid services you purchased to promote the ad, but how you designed it, what you wrote and how many photos you took.

  • Smartphone photos  must be clear and high quality. Avoid blurry shots so that the buyer can zoom in and see.
  • Take more pictures and pay attention to details, such as the absence of scratches.
  • Don’t be afraid to take pictures of flaws: dents and  scuffs on a smartphone  are the norm. It is better to show all the shortcomings at once, so as not to blush during the meeting.
  • The phone should be clearly visible in the pictures: pay attention to how the light falls, and try to avoid unnecessary objects in the photo.

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